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Being creative, talented or gifted can bring special challenges. So gifted pose unique problems for themselves (and for their parents) and often feel that being gifted is no gift! Some gifted individuals go through several episodes of depression, experience chronic anxiety or other psychological problems in their lives. Sometimes these problems can lead to serious conditions if left untreated.

Unfortunately, many gifted adults are labeled as having deficiencies related to their intensities and sensitivities (that can lead to misdiagnosis). They do not realize the range of life challenges are an integral part of being gifted. The feedback from others is often 'not normal, too sensitive or too intense,'. Therapy is more effective when taking into considerations the unique challenges, intensities and sensitivities of gifted. Especially as gifted have a precocious need for autonomy and are suspicious of any therapeutic intervention.

Therapy for the Gifted and HSP

As I strongly work from intuition I am able to identify issues quickly. I treat problems that are (not) directly related to the expat status, such as problems with being gifted, HSP, anxiety disorders, concentration, grief and loss, eating problems, stress and burn-out, depression, psychotrauma (PTSD), etc. I also guide people with relationship problems in couples therapy.

For more information about therapy for gifted and HSP please click therapy and counseling.

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